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First of all, I want to tell you about the Joe Leavy I know, I know a man who is a great father, husband and friend.

I first met Joe while we were both living and working in Japan as musicians and entertainers. I am Godfather to his children, who are growing into two outstanding young men under his guidance.

I know his beautiful wife, Masami, who has added stability to his life, and serves as his muse and inspiration.
Joe is not only a quality Christian man, the only kind I deal with, but as far as talent, he can stand toe to toe with any artist out there living or dead, I've often told him that he could sing the telephone book.
I'm really proud of Joe, because even at this late date, he's striving to be the best that he can be. He's one of the voices on ColdtrainBlues New CD "ColdtrainBlues II Funkin' Da Blues", and on Rizing Sun's gospel album, "Gospel, Music That Shaped The World".
Joe is shows his great versatility in any genre from Frank Sinatra, to the Gap Band, and wow can he sing the blues, I suggested that he name his first album, "It's About Time", because it's about time for the world to hear my good friend, Joe!

Rising Sun Records and Harmonious Records First Joint Venture
Joe Leavy

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