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Rizing Sun Records today announced, the long anticipated release of “Lead Guitar”, the debut CD by Vincent LaBauve.
Vincent LaBauve Multifaceted guitarist who is equally proficient in many different genres of music, shines In this his debut album, entitled “Lead Guitar”.
Vincent strives to show his proficiency with rock, folk, smooth jazz, Country, Reggae, Pop and of course his mainstay the Blues.

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Vincent, who is currently the lead guitarist with the hit group, ColdtrainBlues, has performed with many of todays legendary artists which includes the likes of, the late great Barry White, the Chambers Brothers, as well as many other prominent artists.

Vincent joined Rizing Sun Records as a staff musician, and has performed on many Rizing Sun Projects,
Earl J. Foster Jr., the CEO of Rizing Sun Records thought that it was about time that the world should hear what Vincent, known to his friends as, “Big Bad Vinny LaBauve” had to offer. Vincent was joined on this CD with many of his Rizing Sun comrades, Murray “The Horn” Middleman or woodwinds, Earl J. Foster Jr. On keyboards, Joseph Leavy on vocals, Eric Ward on Bass, and Earl Siler on drums and percussion.
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