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The Rizing Sun Story
We at Rizing Sun Records, would like to thank the following companies and their great gear and for helping us make the great sound of Rizing Sun Records so special.
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Apple Computer Corporation
Mark Of The Unicorn Corporation
Roland Corporation
Korg Corporation
Yamaha Corporation
Mackie Corporation

Rizing Sun Records
was founded in Osaka Japan in 1987 with the release of our first CD
Shampén & The Chill No Bull

One of the most important advances in the independent recording industry, was the introduction of the Panasonic SV-3700 DAT, this revolutionary piece of gear made stereo mix down not only affordable, but pristine. It took the place of the wonderful but expensive Studer two track, which at the time was the industry standard.

The Beginning 1984

I was living and working in Tokyo Japan, as a working musician, with a group called The Real Gold Band. I had been to Japan on numerous occasions starting in 1978, when I first visited with my band, Tribe the ABC-Dunhill recording group, however, this time I came to stay. In 1984 I had a modest setup, I was recording on the venerable Tascam 8 Track recorder, and of course, if you knew what you were doing, you could get some nice recordings from this gear, but to be honest, you could only record good demos, but the digital revolution was on the rise, that would turn the recording industry on it’s head. I had a Yamaha DX7, one of the greatest synthesizers ever invented, along with A Roland JX-8P a wonderful analog synthesizer (I still have it), Two Juno 106 boards I purchased two Roland MSQ-700 sequencers that ran me about $4000.00 a piece and a Roland TR 909 Drum Machine, you can still hear this great machine on many of today’s Hip Hop hits. As time went on, and my sequencing skills increased, I replaced the two MSQ-700’s with two Yamaha QX3’s and a two Yamaha RX-5 Drum Machine’s to replace the TR 909, Why two, the band had disbanded and I was performing alone, just me and my gear. My good friend Jardine Clyde Powell, bassist extraordinaire, who was the leader of the Real Gold Band, was married and had to return home to Osaka Japan, where he opened up a fabulous night club called Osaka Ja. I remained in Tokyo where I met my wife to be and continued to work as a single, The MIDI revolution started in 1983 or about and I was right where many of the technological innovations were being pioneered, because family problems in Los Angeles, I had to return home, and subsequently lost my jobs in Tokyo, so Jardine, my old band mate asked me to come to Osaka and play at his new club, and I accepted.

The Digital Revolution

There were so many talented musicians who had left America to live and work in Japan, because of the amazing musical atmosphere, and the love of the American musician, I just had to be a part of this scene, it was like Paris in the 1940’s, every genre was appreciated, and jobs were plentiful. The pay was excellent, and you could actually make a living playing music. I wanted to record, the many times back and forth from America to Japan was to make enough money to record. Most Los Angeles musicians, remembered a store called West LA Music located on Santa Monica Blvd. now closed, well I made a shopping trip to WLAM and purchased my first progear to make Rizing Sun Records a reality. I had already purchased a brand new Mac to replace my Mac Plus, that’s right I’m a Mac addict so I purchased two Alesis AdATs, and a BRC a Mackie 8 Bus 32 channel board with a 24 Channel expander, an AKG 414 microphone two Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors, I was still using MOTU Performer, Digital performer wasn’t invented yet, Now my studio was getting a professional sound, and with all of my recording experience, I was getting some great sounds from my studio, I was always adding new gear, yes I’m a gear hog. Modules was the next big thing and I had the all, Roland JV-1080, 880 & XV-3080 Roland Samplers, Korg 01R/W, Korg M1, T1 Roland D50 and D550.

Happening Now

It’s in the box baby!, I kept a lot of my vintage gear, because the price for the gear decreased in value so much that I refuse to sell it, and if I need a true analog sound or a real FM sound, I just take it out of the case and hook it up. So, what does in the box mean? I use two major DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) Digital Performer by Mark Of The Unicorn, and Logic Pro X by Apple, The sounds from many different companies too numerous to name them all, but the main ones are:
Kontakt 5 by Native Instruments
Big Fish Audio
XLN Addictive Drums
Toontrack Superior Drummer
Orangetree Samples

Rizing Sun Records, based upon the highly successful, Motown model, and was one of the few companies completely owned by a foreigner in Japan. The company has a modest staff and an artist roster of six groups. When you listen to the Rizing Sun Sound, you’ll hear nearly fifty years of recording experience, from a producer who has produced and written for some of the biggest labels in the world MGM, ABC-Records, Farr Records, Earthquake Records, CBS Sony Japan, A&M Records, Tangerine Records, Solar Records, Capitol Records, Gator records, MHR Records, just to name a few,

Listen to Rizing Sun Records Artists:
Shampen& The Chill
Vince LaBauve
The Rizing Sun All Stars
The Jeff Foster Group

Thank You For Your Time,
Earl J. Foster Jr. CEO Rizing Sun Records
email foster@shampen.com